Calamus Root - Cut

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Basic Powers - Aphrodisiac, harmony, love, peace, strengthen and bind spells, tranquility. Scent - Mysterious, spicy, warm.

Lore - Calamus or sweet flag root may be powdered and used in healing incenses and sachets. Helpful in times of emotional exhaustion, burning calamus incense strengthens self-confidence and promotes success. The rhizome of the sweet sedge has long been rumoured as a psychoactive substance with possible hallucinogenic properties. However, it seems that it is not Calamus but a similar, possibly related plant that may have such properties- for Calamus this claim has not been substantiated. This confusion stems from a possible mistranslation of a herb’s name found in Dioscorides’ writings.

Growing the plant brings good luck to the gardener. Calamus seeds are strung as beads and worn for healing. Calamus is poisonous. Use with caution and do not ingest.

Since the root does grow in water, this plant must have a mighty fire to stimulate and warm under such conditions. It also has a yellow flower and certainly has a masculine form. For all of these reasons, it belongs to the Sun. True, it is not a sunflower, but maybe we need to allow the planetary influences a little more depth. Sweet flag is one of the ingredients in the ritual incense (ketoret) mentioned in the Hebrew Bible (Exodus XXX:34-38) and burned twice daily in the Temple. Versions of ketoret have long been incorporated into ritual magick, in particular in work connected to contacting one’s holy guardian angel. To my mind, this strengthens the argument that calamus root is a Sun herb.

Although probably not as an entheogen, Calamus has long played a role in magical herbalism. It has been used for protection, especially from snakes and snake bites, as well as from evil spirits. In medieval Europe the leaves were used as a strewing herb whilst the aromatic roots were burned as incense. It also has a long tradition as an aphrodisiac in both Europe and Asia, and in India Calamus root is considered nourishment for the Kundalini snake.

Grow Calamus for good luck. Use powdered in Incense and sachets for healing. String seeds as beads for healing as well. Used to strengthen and bind spells.

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