Damiana Leaf - Cut

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Damiana is an herb of the New World, native to Mexico and southern parts of the United States. The first mention of this interesting herb reached the western world via the chronicles of the Spanish missionary Jesus Maria de Salvatierra in 1699. The indigenous people of Mexico had long been familiar with the herb’s properties by the time de Salvatierra recorded them. He mentions that Damiana enjoyed a widespread reputation as a potent and popular aphrodisiac, which is what Damiana is most famous for today. As an aphrodisiac it has gained some fame – it is included in many potency enhancing formulae and in Mexico it is frequently dispensed in the form of a herbal liqueur, which is prepared by steeping the herb along with certain spices such as vanilla, galangal, cinnamon and pimento berries, and honey in rum for a period of about two weeks. Various recipes exist and even commercial brews are available that are said to be particularly favored in mixed drinks such as Margaritas. The Mayans and other Central American natives also used this herb for a range of other conditions that modern herbalism tends to neglect.

Damiana leaves are used by many folks for Luck in Love Affairs. Damiana is called the Love Herb because it is said to make women willing and to make men ready and increase their nature – and for this reason, we hear that married couples use it to aid in satisfying conjugal relations. According to some authors, if you sprinkle Damiana on the food of the one you love, it will intensify desire. Others use it in an herbal bath to attract new love. It is also said that if you carry Damiana in a flannel bag, your straying lover will return to you. Another way we have heard to make your lover return is to soak Damiana LEAVES in whiskey or wine and sprinkle the liquid on your doorstep for 21 days, starting on the full moon. When Damiana Leaf is used in meditation incense, it is said to increase psychic ability and clairvoyance. It should be stored with quartz crystal. Damiana Leaf is useful in magical work in that it aids in the breaking down of the natural mental barriers and inhibitors, if not used in excess, and preferably not by someone working on the opening of a gateway/portal.

It can be highly useful in tantra magick and in such activities as Astral travel, deep meditation and spirit quests. Solitary practitioners burn Damiana to open their chakras and increase their psychic abilities in their quest for a heightened vision.
Work the leaves into charm bags, use as loose incense or even brew them into tea. If you make Damiana tea, be prepared to add honey or sugar as it’s quite bitter. Use Damiana incense to promote psychic dreams. Smoke Damiana for this purpose as well, as it reportedly acts on the body as a mild euphoric. When encountering a recipe that calls for hashish, use an extract of the volatile oils in Damiana as magical substitute.

*Packaged in a 3"X3" ziploc bag.