Anger & Frustration

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Combination essence of Firethorn, Holly Leaf and Red Poppy – 10ml

To balance and stabilize our fire energies so that we can take proper control of our lives. We all need energy. If too much energy is expressed we become angry, if there is too little we can become ineffective. We need our energy to be in balance. This composite helps us to achieve that in several ways.

FIRETHORN (Pyracantha atalantiodes)
Firethorn is here to stabilise our energies so that we are able to express ourselves clearly, and if necessary forcefully, without overreaction.

HOLLY LEAF (Ilex aquifolium)
For frustration. When we are frustrated our anger turns inwards and we become defensively prickly. Holly Leaf helps to protect us so that we do not rise to the bait so easily, and so we avoid over-reaction.

RED POPPY (Papaver rhoeas)
Red Poppy enables us to build up our reserves of energy. Some people are so frightened of the potentially destructive power of anger that they live their lives at half-power, frightened to come out into the open. Red Poppy helps to bring up our energy levels in a controlled manner.

Overall, this essence encourages us to live our lives more fully as we become more able to take control of our emotional reactions to the situations we meet.

Collection: Bailey Flower Essences