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Odyssey is one of Canada's largest and most diverse metaphysical stores. We offer specialized books, gifts, classes and services designed to increase awareness and enhance personal discovery, development and growth. Our knowledgeable, professional in-store experts can provide guidance, advice and personal recommendations. We offer a forum for discovery and interaction that encourages the exploration and exchange of knowledge and ideas, all within a warm, open and inviting environment.



Calendar of Events
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The January / Feburary 2018 edition of our Calendar of Events is in store now. You can register and pay for Courses and Sessions by phone or in person. Since the dates & times for Readings & Healings are constantly changing (as appointments are made) many customers prefer to contact the store directly to find out what is available. Once a date and time is booked we will ask you to prepay to guarantee your spot. This also entitles you to receive the lower price (listed in brackets). Appointments that have not been pre-paid may be cancelled (unless prior arrangements have been arranged).


BODY, MIND, SPIRIT DETOX   Linda Lee Purvis: Sunday, January 7  1-4 pm   $42 ($37) Includes materials

Do you look at the new year as a time to detox from indulgences, relationship challenges & other toxins that have embedded themselves in your physical, energetic & emotional bodies? In this cathartic workshop, you will be guided to release some of these accumulated burdens through meditation, visualization, creativity & sound. The process of releasing toxins using an ionic foot cleanse will also be demonstrated. Bring a drum or percussion instrument to class.

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM – LEVEL II   Fay: Wednesday, January 10, 17, 24, 31  7-10 pm   $120 ($100) 4 Classes

If you have prior experience with psychic development or are a graduate of our “Psychic Development” or “Meditation” courses this would be a great class to enhance your skills. Some of the topics covered will include: giving readings for yourself and others, using a pendulum & dowsing rods, and contacting loved ones in spirit.

DISCOVERING  ENERGY BLOCKS   Fay: Thursday, January 11, 18, 25   7-10 pm   $85 ($75) 3 Classes

As we heal, we release the blocks that inhibit our growth so that more light (and love) can enter into our lives. By combining spiritual awareness & knowledge with practical techniques you will discover the areas in your life that need to be healed & balanced. Learn different methods to identify & resolve your “issues”.

TAI CHI – 24 YANG FORM      Kelley Gaspar: Thursday,  January 11, 18, 25, Feb. 1, 8, 15, 22, Mar.1, 8, 15, 22, 29  7:45-9 pm  $144 ($120) 12 Classes

Relax..breathe..flow..align. Daily practice of this simple routine will stimulate your Chi, increase your energy, strengthen your immune system and balance your body/ mind/spirit. You will learn stretching techniques, the Eight Strand Brocade and the associated movements. Dress comfortably.

REIKI – LEVEL I   Fay: Friday, January 12, 19  7-10 pm   $120 ($100)  2 Classes  Includes Manual & Certificate

In this transformational class you will be introduced to the history of Reiki, how to sense the aura and the Usui hand positions.  You will learn how to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others, administer group Reiki healings, scan for & remove energy blocks and give Reiki to animals & plants. You will receive attunements and practice giving/receiving healings to each other.

REIKI – LEVEL I   Kelley Gaspar: Saturday, January 13  9:30 am-5:30 pm   $120 ($100) Includes Manual & Certificate

Through traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho - Shoden/Level I attunements you will align & amplify your natural healing energies. Learn the history & origins of Reiki, techniques including Gassho, Reiji-Ho, Joshin Kokyuu Ho & Kenyoku (breathing, grounding, clearing fundamentals), hand placement, self-healing & etiquette. Your attunement will include the first two symbols and in class hands-on practice.

MEDIUMSHIP – LEVEL II   Dorothy Clifford: Monday, January 15, 22 29, Febuary 5, 12   7-9 pm  $120 ($100) 5 Classes

In this program you will work on building confidence as you continue practicing mediumship techniques with the group & each other. Related topics will also be discussed. Pre-Req: Mediumship - Level I

CRYSTAL HEALING WITH REIKI   Joy Buckley: Saturday, January 20 11am - 5pm   $70 ($60)

Crystals can be added to your hands-on or distance Reiki sessions because they enhance, amplify & balance energies. You will be shown crystal grids & layouts that will increase the flow of energy throughout the body & auric field. You will also learn how to ground, clear & protect with crystals. Bring your pendulum to do chakra assessments & choose crystals. Pre-req: Reiki I.

LEARN TO USE ORACLE CARDS   Linda Lee Purvis: Sunday, January 21  1-4 pm   $35 ($30)   NEW

Oracle cards are a simple & informative way to provide insight & inspiration for the year ahead. Learn how to choose, clear & prepare your deck(s) as well as practice simple card draws, spreads & techniques. You will experiment with numerous sample decks and give/receive sample readings with each other. Bring your favourite deck(s).

MANIFESTING WITH THE LAW OF ATTRACTION   Linda Lee Purvis: Monday, January 22  7-9:30 pm $30 ($35)   Includes Materials   NEW

Learn how to tap into the frequency of the Law of Attraction, become clear on the 'real' outcomes you desire and dream even bigger for 2018! Learn practical techniques, participate in a guided meditation and make a small framed vision board.   You may also enroll in an optional 3 week, interactive on-line coaching program to keep on-track. $60

RUNE MYSTERIES   Kelley Gaspar: Sunday, January 28 12:30–5:30 pm  $55 ($44) Includes Manual

The cultural symbolism & mystical power of runes have been used for communication, inspiration, guidance & prophecy since the times of Odin & the Vikings. In this course you will learn about the history & meaning of each different runes and discover how to tap into their energy, insight & wisdom.

HOW TO USE A PENDULUM    Linda Lee Purvis: Monday, January 29  1-3:30 pm  $35 ($30) Includes Materials

Learn how to use your pendulum as a tool for making choices, finding lost objects, determining dates & time-frames and much more. Try different pendulums or bring your own. Practice your new skills on a variety of test subjects & grids. 


SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT  Fay: Tuesday, January 9  7-8:30 pm $12 ($10)

The group will discuss topics of interest, participate in exercises to enhance intuition/psychic abilities and experience the benefits of guided meditations.

CHANNELLED WRITING  Laura Buckley: Tuesday, January 13  7-8:30 pm  $12 ($10)

You will practice giving and receiving verbal & written messages from Spirit. Bring paper & a pen.

CRYSTAL MEDITATION Emylee Cuthbertson: Monday, January 15  7-8:30 pm  $12 ($10) 

Do you have a passion for crystals? Are you looking to meet like-minded people? Join us to experience the amplified intention & energy of the group while focusing on specific crystals.

CHAKRA TUNEUP:  Lisa Parker: Tuesday, January 16   7-8:30 pm  $12 ($10)

The group will focus on a different chakra each month and practice specific exercises to clear, balance & harmonize. Dress comfortably & bring a mat.

REIKI PRACTITIONERS’  Fay: Tuesday, January 23   7-9 pm  $12 ($10)

Reiki practitioners gather to share knowledge, ideas, techniques and group healings.

SHAMANIC HEALING CIRCLE   Lisa Parker & Alx P: Friday, January 26   7-8:30 pm  $22 ($18)

The harmonious sounds of didjeridoo, singing bowls, drum s & rattles will transport you to a state of deep relaxation and inner awareness. The group will be then be participate in guided techniques to balance body, mind & spirit. Wear loose fitting clothes. Bring a mat

WICCA  Tina Cooke: Tuesday, January 30  7-9 pm  $18 ($15)

The group will honour Wiccan traditions, Wheel of the Year (the eight High Holidays) and different Goddess-centered pantheons.

HEALING & SOUND  Laura Buckley: Tuesday, February 13  7-8:30 pm $12 ($10)

The group will transmit healing energies to each other as well as to those at a distance and practice sound healing with singing bowls.


GEMSTONE (45 minutes, with pendant) Emylee Cuthbertson:  Sunday, January 7  $60 ($50)* (some weekdays)

Using the messages received from reading a combination of gemstones & crystal cards, Emylee will provide you with intuitive guidance & advice for your current life situation.

INTUITIVE SOUL-UTIONS (60 minutes) Sacha Williamson:  Saturday, January 13  $80 ($70)*  (some weekdays)

Unseen energies can be accessed to provide direction on your life path. The channeled messages Sacha receives will help you gain clarity, insight, and soulutions for your personal situations. Communication may come from Angels, Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, and loved ones.

PSYCHIC (60 minutes) Dorothy Clifford:  Saturday, January 20  $80 ($70)*  (some weekdays)

Using her natural abilities as a psychic & medium, Dorothy connects with your personal Guides, loved ones & the Archangels to provide you with guidance, comfort and insight.

LIFE PATH TAROT (60 minutes) Heather Hill Gibson:  Sunday, January 21  $85 ($75)*  (some weekdays)

Working with your Guides & Ancestors, Heather will focus on past (issues to work out in this life), present (what is happening now, including an understanding of your personality, shadows, talents, & purpose) and future (cycles of lessons & opportunities).

PSYCHIC MEDIUMSHIP (60 minutes) Nicole Brake:  Saturday, January 27  $80 ($70)*

Nicole's abilities allow her to bring through messages from the spirit realm that will help you gain a better understanding of the blessings that lie hidden in your life's challenges while empowering you to reach your highest potential.

TAROT CARD (60 minutes) Vicki Warner:  Sunday, January 28  $65 ($55)*  (some weekdays)

Is there is a pressing issue in your life right now? Do you require clarification for a current situation? Vicki will use the cards to reveal insights on the potential options that are available to consider.

AKASHIC RECORDS (45 minutes) Irma Haggith:  Saturday, February 3  $65 ($55)* 

The Akashic Records are said to be the “blueprint” of your “lives”. They can provide guidance about who you are, why you are here and what you are meant to be doing to fulfill your life purpose. They also reveal issues, blocks, addictions or behaviours that may be limiting your full experience on Earth.

ANGEL & LIGHT BEINGS (45 minutes)   Kim Burns: By Appointment   $50 ($45)* 

Drawing from a variety of different decks, Kim will connect with the vibration of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters & Light Beings to provide you with direction, guidance & answers to your questions.

ASTROLOGY (60 minutes, Birth Chart)   Dan Mischuk: By Appointment   $80 ($70)*

What does the geometry of the sky reveal about you? Make an appointment to have Dan create a custom astrology chart that will include a full interpretation and predictive forecast. By Appointment.


CHAKRA EMPOWERMENT (75 minutes) Linda Lee Purvis:  By Appointment  $110 ($95)* 

Discovering any misalignments & blockages in your chakras can reveal much about your emotional, mental, physical & spiritual condition. Your chakras will be recalibrated through biofeedback and issues in your auric field will be cleared. Includes  recommendations for support & follow up.

CRYSTAL HEALING WITH REIKI (60 minutes) Joy Buckley:  By Appointment. $70 ($60)*

Joy combines the universal energy of Reiki with the crystalline energy of gemstones to relax & balance your physical, emotional & mental bodies while clearing blockages from your chakra centres.

MASSAGE WITH REIKI & REFLEXOLOGY (60 minutes) Janiece Henderson:  By Appointment. Tues., Wed.  $80*

After enjoying a Reiki infused, stress-relieving back/neck/shoulder massage you will receive a relaxing Reflexology foot treatment. This will help to restore health & vitality by releasing blockages. Janiece is a RMT so receipts can be issued for your health plan.

REFLEXOLOGY (60 minutes) Kelley Gaspar:  By Appointment  $60 ($50)*

Enjoy the re-vitalizing benefits of this ancient healing practice. Reduce stress and promote systemic healing and proper circulation. Kelley’s unique touch combined with subtle energy techniques allows you to relax and return to a holistic way of being.

REFLEXOLOGY WITH REIKI (60 minutes)  Lisa Parker: By Appointment. $60 ($50)*

Reflexology is a therapy that focuses on the reflex points of the feet to release toxins & rebalance energy in the whole body. It is a deeply relaxing treatment that promotes better health by improving circulation, strengthening the body’s immune system and reducing stress & tension so the body can heal itself. Reiki, gemstones & essential oils are used too.

REIKI SESSION (60 minutes) Kelley Gaspar:  By Appointment.  $70 ($60)*

The combination of Reiki’s subtle, effective life force energy and Kelley’s unique touch will assist you on all levels - physically, mentally & spiritually. You will feel tension & stress float away as you create a positive state of health & wellbeing.

RESTORATIVE BODY TUNING (75 minutes) Linda Lee Purvis:  By Appointment  $105 ($95)* 

The resonant sound created with tuning forks is very effective in detecting, releasing & restoring the body’s energy field. These frequencies can be combined with biofeedback, floral essences & coaching to deactivate triggers associated with archived cellular memories. The experience is relaxing & empowering, giving way to inner peace and renewed vitality

SOUL-SHIFT DETOX TRILOGY (90 minutes) Linda Lee Purvis:  By Appointment  $130 ($115)*

This synergetic healing package of gentle but powerful techniques helps to discharge stagnant energies. Begining with a relaxing Ionic Footbath to draw embedded toxins out of the body, followed by a Biofeedback Re-Alignment to help identify & release physical, emotional & spiritual blockages. The trilogy is completed with a Customized Essential Oil Blend.


If you are not a Member and would like to take advantage of our Monthly specials, $5.00 bonus vouchers & free gifts, sign up today. An annual membership is only $10. And if you didn't pick up your Free Gift for November or Free Book for December, please ask for them the next time you are in.


Spirit Rock is an affordable sanctuary created for those who need of a quiet place to relax, renew & recharge. Retreats takes place in a spacious log home located on 200 acres of forested land, 2 hours north/east of Odyssey (near Kaladar, ON). Space can be rented individually, with a friend/partner or as a small group. The land heals & nurtures as you commune with nature, meditate, draw/paint, write, study, read & connect. Fees start at just $100 per night and discounts are available for longer stays.

Spiritual Teachers & Healers are invited to book space for their programs. You can rent the space and execute your own program or plan an event with the assistance of our Co-Ordinators. Their years of experience as workshop facilitators can support you in planning an agenda, scheduling, promoting, taking bookings, food preparation, and more. While you focus on teaching, they can focus on the logistics.


We have put together a selection of retired CD demos and discontinued music inventory. For every $5.00 donated (100% of which will be donated to the Charities we support) you will be able to choose a free CD (or 2 cassettes). Check the basket each time you are in to see if there is something for you.


On occasion the name of one of our Odyssey Books Facebook fans is randomly chosen to receive a special treat (and absolutely no purchase is necessary). If you are selected, your name will be posted on the site and you can pick up your gift at the store. Click here to visit our Facebook page.


Let us join together collectively and focus our healing energies towards the areas of our wondrous planet that have been affected by disaster or trauma.

Please send your love along with white, gold and platinum light, and the healing energies with which you work to support those in need. If you use the violet flame to help transcend non-beneficial energies or are skilled at grid-work to help repair disconnected energy lines, your assistance is also required.

Let us also remember those in need of medical attention and healing, from the little children to the aged, from the citizens to the volunteer workers, from the pets and wild animals to the devastated landscape and sacred architecture of the area.

Let us pray that the medical experts and volunteer helpers are able to gain access to all areas in need; that supplies of water, food and clothing can reach all individuals; that the monies raised worldwide will be used efficiently & effectively to support healthy, livable communities; and that the people affected are blessed with hope for the future.

And may we pray for the thousands of dear souls who suffered as well as to those who have passed to another realm.

Let us pray that the countries of the world unify together to assist with whatever means they have in aiding areas of the planet that have been devastated by natural disasters & mis-guided human actions. And that in this unification, all citizens will realize that what is most important is to move toward a brighter future with more love, cooperation, acceptance & respect between nations and peoples, including the unseen and those from multi-dimensional existences.


COVR - Coalition of Visionary Retailers is a professional trade association that presents Awards for the industry’s best books, music and sidelines. In 2010, Odyssey was presented with the award for BEST WEBSITE. This was the first time a retail store had ever been recognized with this prestigious honour (in the past it had always been given to vendors or large publishers like Llewellyn). In addition, it was also the first time a Canadian business had been chosen.

The Award would not have been possible without the skill, talent and dedication of Leila Vey of New World Media Artist who redesigned our website in 2010 by adding new content, product categories, photos and a shopping cart. Lawren Purvis & Emylee Cuthbertson have continued to support the site with product additions and updates. At the time our beautiful, tabloid-size Calendar of Events designed by Linda Lee Purvis was also featured on the site.

Thanks to all of you for weaving your energetic thread into the tapestry of Odyssey and for playing an integral part in our community.


The following is a wonderful article that was written by East of the City Magazine columnist, Linda Lee Purvis.

"An inviting, celestial sun shines above the entrance to Odyssey Books & Resource Centre in the Courtyard in Pickering Village. It radiates with affirming warmth, welcoming patrons in search of illumination for their path to self-discovery. Inside its doors is a galaxy of specialty books and tools to guide spiritual travelers along their journey."


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